[News] Bike Bin Now featured in VentureNow, Logistics Weekly, and Logistics Nippon.
2018.10.16 We are hiring. [add] This is no longer available due to the enough number of applicants. Thanks!
2017.7.27 OCLCOM is featured in NIKKEI.
2016.7.3 We have moved to new office and phone number is changed to 03-3526-2673
2016.5.26 Novelty page is updated.
2015.9.15 shipping.jp is featured in Shukan SPA!.
2015.7.14 rocket-wristband.com is launched.
2015.6.23 shipping.jp is featured in Shukan Josei.
2015.5.18 OCLCOM is featured in Butsuryu Weekly.
2015.5.12 Update website. Now shipping.jp offers price comparing between DHL, UPS, FedEx, OCS, Japanpost...
2015.1.14 Delivery times compare function is released on shipping.jp.
2014.6.26 Delivery times compare function(beta) is released on shipping.jp.
2014.2.28 CouCafe Co., Ltd. sold the business about maido! delivery.
2012.10.1 maido! delivery, Food delivery service in Bangkok, is launched.
2012.5.3 ao-strap.com is launched.
2012.3.5 oriraba.com is launched.
2011.10.1 CouCafe Now featured in U-MACHINE.
2011.8.1 CouCafe offer special promotion for HSBC card holders.
2011.1.12 CouCafe Now featured in Bangkok Keizai Shimbun.
2011.12.30 31th Dec will be our New Year Holidays.
2011.12.22 CouCafe Now featured in Siam Harajuku.
2010.12.11 Bangkok coupon service CouCafe Now featured in VentureNow.
2010.11.22 We established CouCafe Co., Ltd. at Bangkok, Thailand.
2010.10.13 We have launched our corporate site!
2010.09.06 Bike Bin Now featured in VentureNow, Logistics Weekly, and Logistics Nippon.
2010.09.06 Souryou no Tora launches real-time location information service for motorcycle couriers.
2010.08.10 Start selling Groupon-like coupon web application.
2010.03.15 Souryou no Tora releases a template for parcel delivery price charts. Useful for when listing an item for auction!
2010.02.18 Selected for the VentureNow 300 as chosen by the editors of VentureNow!
2010.01.12 Featured in Kensyu Publishing's "Work and Computers, Feb. Edition"!
2009.11.17 netpost launches service that delivers New Year's cards from a real tiger.
2009.11.26 netpost, which allows users to deliver letters via the internet in three minutes, was introduced by CNET.
2009.11.12 We were introduced in the December Edition of BAILA in the feature "On the Record! Coworkers reveal their pay statements and saving techniques"
2009.11.02 Introduced in "Making the Most of Useful Websites" in the Family Budget section of the Yomiuri Newspaper (morning edition).
2009.10.20 netpost localizes its entire website into English. Now it is easy for people who do not know Japanese to send letters.
2009.10.09 On World Post Day, "netpost" internet-based letter delivery service expands service to include international mail.
2009.09.25 Announcement made for "netpost", which allows real letters to be mailed via the internet. The service offsets CO2 emitted during delivery.
2009.06.26 Souryou no Tora launches "P.O. Box Search", which allows users to search for P.O. boxes across the nation.
2009.05.15 Souryou no Tora revamps its international parcel post fee search function. Now it is easier to compare delivery times and requirements for each country.
2009.03.16 Souryou no Tora is the first to publish a parcel post service window map.
The map displays over 80,000 locations including convenience stores, post offices, and other centers where users can take their packages for shipping services.
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